Acronymble has 2 decks of cards,

Each round begins with the current NYMWIT turning over the top card from each pile.

LENGTH CARDS each have a number between “3” & “7” on them. This number simply tells players how many words they will be writing in their NOODLE (“6” = 6 words, etc.)

COMPOSITION CARDS tell players how to get their letters for the round. There are 4 different types:

PICK ALL: When this card is drawn, the NYMWIT picks as many tiles as shown on the “LENGTH” card, placing them on the white spaces on the board. Players use these letters (in the order picked) to write their NOODLE.

PICK ALL (EXTRA POINT NONSENSE WORD): Same as the PICK ALL card, but players have the option of scoring ONE extra point by using at least one nonsense word in their NOODLE. (Nonsense Words must be original; “Thing-a-ma-jig” would not get an extra point, but “Ting-a-da-frig” would. – Players only get 1 extra point even if their NOODLE contains 7 nonsense words.)
Note: Nonsense words can be used as verbs or nouns to get sentence points.

Each word of everyone’s NOODLE will begin with that letter.
*EXAMPLE* If the LENGTH card is “6” and the tile drawn is an “
N”, you might write:
Nesting Nymwits Nap Near Naked Newts.” (6 words)

WORD: THE NYMWIT PICKS ONLY ONE TILE.  This card has 2 parts:

1: Each player must think of a real word that starts with the tile drawn, and has as many letters as the LENGTH card drawn.
(EX: If the
LENGTH card is “6” and the tile drawn is “G” you might come up with “GIGGLE” -- a 6 letter word starting with “G”)

2: Players then use the letters of this word as their own personal letters to write their NOODLE with.
(EX: For the word “
G.I.G.G.L.E.”, your NOODLE might be:
Granny Is Glowing Growing Little Eggplants.
(Players are not disqualified for having used the same word)

NOTE: (No 3 letter English words start with “Q” or “X”. If this comes up, pick another tile.)