The board is simply a way to keep track of your score (and to even things out a bit for the "Noodlistically Challenged").

Players follow the "PASTEL PATH" around the edge of the board, from "Start" to "Finish" (we didn't invent this concept). The 1st player to reach the "Finish" space wins (an exact count is not necessary).

After each round the current Nymwit moves everyone's markers.  A Player's marker moves forward 1 space if their NOODLE contained a sentence (of at least 3 words) and an extra space for each vote that their NOODLE received. (Ex: If your Noodle contained a sentence and got 2 votes...move 3 spaces. -- If your NOODLE got 2 votes, but didn't contain a sentence...move 2 spaces.) EVERY PLAYERS MARKER CAN MOVE EACH ROUND.


(We suggest simply using only the "+" and "-" spaces to begin with (ignoring those pesky "Sentence," spaces, as well as the "Plus Most Points" and Minus Most Points" space). 

 If a player LANDS on a "+" or "-" space, immediately move forward (+) or backwards (-) the number shown. (Ex: If you LAND on a "+3" space move forward an extra 3 spaces.) (ala "Chutes and Ladders")


When you are feeling adventurous add the other spaces to the mix. Here's how they work:

- If a player LANDS on a "SENTENCE" Space, they get to move forward an extra space if they have written a sentence.

PLUS & MINUS MOST POINT Spaces: If a player scores the Most Points for the round (or ties) and LANDS on this space, they double their move (PLUS MOST POINTS) or go back to where they started the round (MINUS MOST POINTS).


BIG TIME SPECIAL NOTE: Consider turning the "-2" space at the end of the board into a "+2" space (a "Sharpy" marker does wonders for this one). This makes for cool fun & ends the game on any of the last 3 spaces (this variation comes to you direct from our 5-year-old).