* The "X" tile can be use as any word starting with an "X" sound ("Excellent", "Ecstatic"...even "Eggs!")

* Blank tiles are "wild" (each player decides for themselves what letter to use).

* Players are limited to 1 Sentence point per round (Ex:  "Dexter Loves Me. I Love Celery." would score only 1 Sentence point.)

* Nonsense Words can be used anytime (although they only get an extra point with the "Extra Point Nonsense" Card)

* Players are awarded "Sentence" and "Nonsense" points even if their NOODLE received no votes.

* Players can still receive a Sentence point even if their sentence contained 1 or more Nonsense word (Ex: "Edgar Glumphed For Hours." would receive a Sentence point.)

* The NYMWIT should always check NOODLES for legibility before reading them (they can get whispered help from authors on anything BUT Nonsense words).